Home Selling Guide

Selling your home in today’s market is a big decision. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Let us show you how.

Home Selling Guide

Start Selling Sooner

Most homeowners will spend about seven months just thinking about their decision to sell.

Taking your time is smart, but nearly 25% wish they had started sooner!

Learn how you can start saving time right now.

Home Selling Guide

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Did you know that over 70% of owners make a repair or improvement to their house before selling?

But a little effort goes a long way!

Of those, nearly 25% are rewarded by selling quicker and netting higher sale prices.

Home Selling Guide

Be On the Money

Having an early and accurate valuation is key to finding the right selling price.

It also saves you time and helps you make smarter decisions!

Only locally sourced and up-to-date market data can provide precise insight into your home’s competition and its true market value.

Home Selling Guide

It's Closing Time!

You’ve accepted the best offer on your home from a buyer, congratulations!

But now what?

Learn what to expect and how to prepare for closing when you’re selling your home.

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Get Started with Selling

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How Does This Sound?

Sell your home in your preferred timeframe, for the highest possible price, and with fewer headaches.

Let us help make things easier on you.

Today’s the Day to Talk to Your Agent.

Many homeowners wait months before contacting an agent to begin selling their house.

This often leads to missed opportunities.

Working with an agent sooner rather than later only increases your probabilities of success!

Put Your Agent to Work Sooner.

One of the most valuable services an agent will provide is finding buyers for your home.

But there’s even more value by getting started early.

Yes, there’s a lot to do! But you can make it easier on yourself by working with a competent real estate professional.

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