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Learn how Jeff can help you sell successfully or find the perfect home, cottage, or investment property in Northern Michigan.

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Meet Jeff Kazmierski

Jeff is a real estate sales and strategy expert serving his agency clients through the brokerage of Coldwell Banker in Harbor Springs.

He also is the founder of Harbor Prime, which brings all of his experience together as a hyperlocal source of information, data, and original insights specific to real estate in Northern Michigan.

By leveraging his considerable personal and professional experience, Jeff excels in preparing and guiding his clients to success.

As a seasoned marketer, contract specialist, and negotiator, his ability to relate his robust knowledge and deep insights into simple ideas makes him a valuable asset to his clients.

A History Rooted in Northern Michigan

Jeff grew up in Detroit (yes, in the actual city) where he had a humble but happy upbringing in a close-knit neighborhood.

But as he often states, “I was fortunate to have two very hard-working parents who recognized the value of getting away and bringing their kids ‘Up North’ whenever they could.”

Back in the ’70s, he couldn’t wait for the ski trips his family would take to Boyne Highlands. Seeing the tall white pines for the first time, with all the snow and the clear skies, was like a dream for a little kid from the city.

Even when he fell off the cannon in downtown Harbor Springs and hit his head (“That might explain a lot,” he insists), times were always good in Northern Michigan.

Entrepreneurial Life Changes

In the early ’90s, a nascent Internet caught Jeff’s attention while studying for his degree at Wayne State University. Once he came to understand it, he would start his first web development company in his downtown apartment.

While it didn’t happen overnight, Jeff worked tirelessly to create “some pretty compelling products” and category-leading online services. He would eventually grow his tiny one-man startup into a leading provider of cloud-based services to multinational enterprises around the world.

Then in 2010, just after his North Channel honeymoon aboard his boat, he completed the sale for two of his companies to Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) which was an indirect competitor at the time (“They noticed we were winning a lot of their clients!”).

Within three months after his companies were acquired, Jeff and his wife relocated from downstate to a home on Lake Michigan in Petoskey. He recalls, “We’ll always remember driving up with all our belongings and arriving in the middle of a December snowstorm. What a welcome!”

Life in Northern Michigan

Jeff’s family has owned a condo in Harbor Springs since the mid ’90s, but it took him a few years after moving here to find his perfect spot in Harbor, too.

After what he calls a “lucky find” during an early morning drive, he discovered the perfect property where he would fulfill a dream of designing and building his own home from the ground up.

“To this day, every time I look out over the bay or drive by those tall pines along 119, I think to myself: Who would have thought that one day I’d be living here!

Today, Jeff enjoys everything that Northern Michigan has to offer. He keeps busy with real estate and still advises and educates clients about technology. His wife, Kelly, owns Pet Pro North, a very popular and busy private pet care service here in town.

Jeff enjoys having family nearby and friends living all around the area. His favorite activities include reading, cooking, golfing, biking, and boating. And of course, there’s skiing and snowshoeing in the winters.

Providing a Better Real Estate Experience

As a home and landowner, independent real estate investor, commercial landlord and property manager, Jeff can offer you and your family a unique perspective on our local market.

By leveraging his personal and business experience in strategy, marketing, contracts and negotiation, Jeff’s clients can be best prepared for success whether buying or selling their home.

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